About Us

"Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. aims at providing seamless integration of quality and schedule by ensuring timely deliveries, state-of-the-art manufacturing products, new age technology, constant innovation and economic viability."

Who We Are ?

Started as a small endeavour to make a big change in the pigment industry, Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. began its journey in 2010 and slowly incorporated the business of Shreyas Intermediates Ltd. into its fold. Today, we are the leading manufacturers of Phthalocyanine Blue Crude and its downstream products in India and contribute upto 15% of the entire Copper Phthalocyanine market of India. The company has a global presence in 15 countries.

The production capacity of Kesar Petroproducts in Copper Phthalocyanine Blue Crude is 1500 metric tons per month, in Alpha Blue is 200 metric tons per month and in Pigment Green 7 is 50 metric tons per month. By July 2015, we also plan to expand their operations in the Beta Blue market with a production capacity of 250 metric tons per month. This rapidly growth production capacity makes us one of the most progressive players in the industry.

Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. has a strong team with sound and expert knowledge of the industry working under the guidance of Mr. Dinesh Sharma. The team is highly skilled in R&D and actively involved in the business administration of Kesar Petroproducts.

The company aims at providing a seamless integration of quality and schedule by ensuring timely deliveries, state-of-the-art manufacturing products, new age technology, constant innovation and economic viability. They have built strong relationships with their suppliers as well as their clients and want to focus on learning through their wide range of experiences to improve their services.

Founder's Profile

The Founder of Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. – Mr. Dinesh Sharma finds pride in being a part of one of the most thriving pigment company in India. He completed his CA in 1980 and has graduated in law. He started this company with the sole aim of expanding that vertical of the chemical industry in the country which majorly had international players in the market. He believes in balancing the trust of the suppliers and the clients and in the efficiency of operations.

Mr. Dinesh Sharma has always been inclined towards CSR initiatives and is constantly working towards making the company socially responsible. He has built numerous communities within the industry to share common knowledge that will help the community leaders create better products. He is also well respected and well known by the key players in the pigment market. His focus in driving the operations of the company is to follow the ‘Make in India’ model by bringing in state of the art manufacturing facilities to help the company stand out.

Sustainable growth, cost effectiveness and eco-friendly operations are the pillars on which Mr. Dinesh Sharma has laid the foundation of Kesar Petroproducts and aim to strengthen them with time to build the company to become a global name that resonates with the pigment industry. Under his guidance, the team is working towards building an environment-friendly and cost effective venture that will create an impact in the pigment industry.

Our Vision

With an extensive experience and high quality products, Kesar Petroproducts aim at becoming the one point contact in the Phthalocyanine industry. They are constantly thriving and working towards efficient manufacturing capabilities, continuous innovation, better environmental situation and economic viability.

Our Promise

The promise of a great future lies in the firm foundation of the present. The focus of Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. is to constantly innovate ways to match the expectations of the clients, to integrate services in a manner that suits the schedule as well as is a high quality product and to provide timely deliveries. The unique aspect of the comapny is to balance all this in the most cost effective method.

Corporate profitability and growth are other important points of focus by Kesar Petroproducts. The company follows transparent policies and believes in strategizing in a manner that will go a long way in the industry.

The company also focuses on being environment conscious by recycling waste products, aligning production tactics that result in less waste and improving technologies focused on waste water treatment facilities. Environment management is one of the key aspects in operations of Kesar Petroproducts. The company trains its employees at regular intervals by conducting workshops and seminars to ensure safety and a sense of environment consciousness.

Sustainable and innovative growth globally is what Kesar Petroproducts has achieved in a short span of time and is working towards delivering efficient and satisfying products and solutions. The company has grown on word of mouth publicity due to the high standards of products and time bound deliveries to the customers.